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James Frederick WILSON

This is James - one of the two brothers from the IOW


In 1901 two brothers left the Seaview Hotel on the Isle of Wight (where their dad was the proprietor) to fight in the Boer War (Oct 1899 - May 1902). They landed in Cape Town after the arduous 6-week sea journey, and set off on their 500KM journey towards the conflict zone.

What happened next is quite interesting ...

One of them - James Frederick WILSON - shown on the left - appears to have become "separated" from his unit while on the march past Somerset West - only about 20KM from Cape Town.

It seems he was led astray by the lady in the image on the right - Hester Maria GOOSEN - a local resident who convinced him to make love, not war. How many of the 75,000 people who died during this war (including 22,000 British soldiers, and 25,000 Boer women and children) would have been spared had more of this sort of thing occurred?

James and Maria married and the result was five children including Alice, May, Jack, Sydney and Fred. You can see Jack, Sydney and Fred (founding members of the Wahla Club) in the little image at the top left of the page.

These two - James and Hester - are the central focus of this family tree, and are responsible for everything that followed. Both sides are being traced and documented here. The WILSON side goes back to 1808, and the GOOSEN to 1785.

This website was started in April 2015 with a lot of help from Bobby at www.bobbyfamilytree.com - which includes some WILSONs but mostly covers GAMBRILLs and many other surnames. Thanks Bobby!

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Hester Maria GOOSEN

This is Maria - she led James astray